I know madam husna from five years.she is a very expert and qualified coach.her life coaching experience brought me to Silva method learning.I was suffering from severe anxiety and painful memories.Silva gave me breaths.it gave me inner deep relaxsation,its mirror of mind and three finger techniques took me out from issues dragging me toward low esteem and dipression.My dreams become colourful and i started enjoying them feeling more happy.My case working experience is very incredible and i use silva laboratory technique nearly for solving all type of issues.I am now a composed and relaxsed happy person.thanks to silva and madam husna for bringing this beautiful change in my life.


Dear readers,i was a very severe patient of chronic dipression but when i did Silva..i was shocked that espacially during those five days of BLS,i didnt use my sleeping pills at all.I got too much relaxsed during its dynamic meditations.After the end of the programme,i felt too much change in my level of dipression,and doctor reduced my medicines to half.i think effects of things which were causing dipression were went away from my mind.I used mirror of mind technique,laboratory technique and glass of water technique as my tools for solving beautifully the problems of life.I hope one day every person will beccome a silva graduate because its a ventillation and oxygen for nowadays people suffering from uncountable issues of health,wealth,relationships and lot more.My salute to silva.

Rukhsana Saeed

I love silva method.I did its BLS programme and was shocked how things started coming into my life.All of its techniques are very powerful ,very easy and very fruitful.I found my love..my husband after silva.thanks to mam for suggessting me this wonderful lovely programme.


I was really very amazed when during Silva learning i came to know about my hidden powers of five senses.I got very accurate informations about health issues of people.My healings which i gave to them gave them results when i inquire..i am still in shock that we humans have such a incredible power of our senses.thanks to Silva method for getting this hidden knowledge about my self.


Silva method deep relaxsation technique impressed me a lot because using it brought me wonderful result regarding my sleep problem.i used heavy pills for sleeping but not a sound continuous sleep was experienced by me.But when i started using sleep control technique and relaxsation technique i started experiencing peaceful long sleep.now i can experience lightness in my self as my sleep improves day by day.


I liked silva method programme too much…because it gave me confidence on myself,it gives tools to solve all type of issues which took me out from loneliness and dipression.It helped me to think while being relaxsed,my anger managment becomes better.i love its theme of positivity every where.Its powerful laboratory technique i started having and understanding intuitions.Mirror of mind,glass of water and espacially three finger techniques are now my powers of daily routine.Silva is a beam of positivity letting us solve our problems with positivity only.

Mr. Badar

I was totally lost bad in daily bad routine and hence as i was unable to get rid of it,i was facing both dipression and anger in my life.Panic attacks were there too.i went to different therapists and also took heavy medicines but nothing was taking me out.when one day madam husna advised me to took Silva session of BLS.After and also during five days of BLS i felt change,i felt relaxsation.My natural time clock started to work and now i am happy,relaxsed and normal ye at powerful humanbeing too who can solve whatever is the problem.My life is now on a pathway full of positivity..i am now a teacher in a very reputable school of city means now i have a healthy normal scheduale which other sucessful people have..so i am enjoying the power to change which Silva method and mam husna gave to me.


OH i got amazed and highly happy too when i came to know my subconcious power of mind and its power of positivity.I was already a positivity lover in my whole life and practiced it in my coaching sessions with other people.I am a life coach too but when husna coached me for other therapies among them i found SILVA coaching sessions at the best..they connected me with amazing spiritual and lovely world inside me.i enjoyed its relaxing place programming.Its laboratory technique gave me tools to help suffering people more betterly. To me healing a human or healing his problem is our purpose of coming in this world.

Mr. Yaseen

I just completed my silva method four days immersion program. First two days I learned SLS and on third and fourth day I learned SIT and I would say it’s really worth doing. I have learned so many techniques and it was amazing. It has increased my knowledge, my confidence and it allows me to heal others as well. First technique that I really liked was psychometry and second was helmet method. And I love the three finger technique.

Rabea Nafees Rizvi

I have finished my four day training of Silva method at healing mind centre. Now I feel more confident in myself. I didn’t know what I was capable of earlier, but after doing this course I feel awared and confident. My favorite technique was helmet method and I’d say it’s something worth doing. The three finger technique was something amazing. In the future I’m looking forward to do more of such courses.

Zainab Nafees Rizvi


Adil Khan

Omair Nafees Rizvi

Rabea Nasfees Rizvi